Baoma Mosquito Coil (Micro Smoke)

10 pcs

Tk. 115

Baoma (ISO 9001: 2008) is a trademark mosquito coil made from high quality raw materials and advanced modern spray paint technology that distributes low smoke mosquitoes. Baoma Mosquito Coil PHP No. 398 and Import License No. 431. It is imported from China.


1. Its smoke does not make your house dark and does not irritate your eyes.

2. It is not harmful to human body so it is suitable for use in both adults and children.

3. These coils are made in automatic machine so the coils can be easily separated.

4. It is environmentally friendly as it does not use high levels of toxic chemicals.

5. Protects the color of the walls in your room as there is no extra smoke.


1. First open the packet and separate the coil.

2. Use the stan in the packet to burn in the empty space of the room.

3. Use in rooms with open windows.

4. Be sure to keep the coil away from combustible material when lighting.

5. Keep the open packet in a dry place after use.


1. Consult a doctor immediately if swallowed or swallowed.

2. Always keep children out of reach. Seek medical advice immediately.

3. Always keep children out of reach.

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